Taylor Consultants

Past Performance

Taylor Consultants was recently awarded a separate delivery order on the Professional Administrative Support Services contract consisting of 108 contract personnel to assist the States in conversion to the Defense Travel System (DTS). Contract personnel are located in each of the 54 States, Territories and District of Columbia United States Property and Fiscal Offices to support the Lead Defense Travel Administrator (LDTA) in spearheading transformation from the old legacy travel system (Integrated Army Travel System) to DTS. Specific duties include providing administrative support, trouble shooting the DTS system; assisting the LDTA in conducting Defense Travel Administration (DTA) training at the battalion level; and populating user profiles in DTS based on the State’s implementation strategy. TCI has also worked in collaboration with the ARNG Financial Services Center and the Resource Management Improvement Committee to develop a DTS Made EZ web site, collateral material consisting of facilitator guides for both travelers and authorizing officials, and a robust marketing campaign to help facilitate successful conversion and demystify DTS based on inherit challenges associated with the technical requirements of the system. TCI is also providing certified instructors as part of this effort to provide DTA training for contract personnel and Organizational Travel Administrators at the battalion level.

TCI was awarded a $40M Schedule III (Financial Services Support) of the Professional, Administrative, and Support Services (PASS) contract to provide professional, administrative and support services in support of the National Guard.This contract vehicle was awarded as an Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity or IDIQ by Selfridge Air Force Base, making it a viable contract for five (5) years, and serves as a key enabler to assist the National Guard, both Army and Air, in securing eight (8) separate labor categories bridging a full range of General Schedule Equivalents to support a host of financial activities and functions. Upon approval of the appropriate Performance Work Statement by Selfridge, the United States Property and Fiscal Office contracting office can issue task orders directly against the base contract to secure services.

Since inception of this contract, Taylor Consultants has been instrumental in providing support services to field sites and the National Guard Bureau to help spearhead transformation of the National Guard to DIMHRS and GFEBS.