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Dispute Resolution

Solving disputes expeditiously in the workplace is what Alternative Dispute Resolution is about or commonly referred to by Taylor Consultants as the Informal Resolution Process (IRP). Too much time, money and in many cases poor morale is attributed to lengthy litigation between complainant and management. Informal Resolution Process (IRP) program is an expeditious and cost effective method to solve disputes between parties in an informal setting.

Military Personnel Services Corporation is offering both Mediation Training and Services. Mediation is one technique or method used in solving disputes. This three-day course is designed to provide an overview of the Informal Resolution Process (IRP) with specific emphasis on Mediation. Taylor Consultants specifically designed a proactive program that focuses on the prevention of disputes before they occur.

Service includes:

  • Dynamics of Conflict
  • Principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Defining Mediation
  • The Mediation Process
  • Practical Application