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Event Management Services

Event Design & Program Support

Conference/Event Design and Program Planning Support

Where is the best location for your exhibits in relation to your meetings? Is dual projection better in this location to deliver your content? How long should we go before scheduling a break? What sort of signage should we use? The event managers at Taylor Consultants have the answers you need. We will assist you in designing a meeting environment to help achieve your goals.

Speaker and Facilitator Selection and Coordination

Need to arrange speaker travel? Need to get a VIP guest transported to the airport immediately following their presentation? What AV needs do your speakers have? Speakers are the cornerstones of your conference. Let Taylor Consultants assist by maintaining close contact with your presenters to assist them in speaking at your event. We follow up on the detail and make sure they have the support they need to support your event. If you need a referral for a motivational speaker or subject matter expert Taylor Consultants can help in your search.

Security Management

In today’s world there may be times when additional security is needed at your event. From simple ID checks to securing perimeters and sweeping for explosives, Taylor Consultants’s professional Event Manager can coordinate your security needs to provide peace of mind and a safe environment for your event.