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Air National Guard Wing Family Program Coordinator Contract

The Air National Guard Wing Family Program Coordinator Initiative is a vital and effective method for ensuring that the National Guard Bureau Family Program Office can meet the ever-increasing need to create viable and sustainable Family Readiness and Support Programs. These programs are essential to ensuring that Guard members and their families are fully integrated into, and supported by, the Air National Guard (ANG). Given the importance of these family readiness and support programs, the TCI team’s overall program management objectives in support of the National Guard Wing Family Program Coordinator initiative are focused on tightly monitoring, controlling, and providing highly qualified personnel throughout the planning, execution, and completion of this contract. In addition, the TCI management approach will integrate the company’s vast knowledge of family readiness and support programs into its decision making to ensure that all activities generated by this contract are congruent with National Guard Family Program missions and philosophies. TCI is proud to be able to implement this program in support of Air National Guard Family Program initiatives.