Taylor Consultants

Logistical Services

Adjustment Documents

Taylor Consultants, Inc. prepares and process and Administrative Adjustment Report (DA Form 4949) for minor adjustments required to collect data in the automated property book system. Taylor Consultants, Inc. shall submit proposed AAR's to the PBO and shall input approved adjustments into the automated property book system IAW DA PAM 710-2-1 Chapter 4.

Taylor Consultants, Inc. process lateral transfers and temporary loan on DA Form 3161 and document all transfers on the correct hand receipt in the property book. Taylor Consultants, Inc. shall forward documentation and requests for lateral transfers to the PBO for approval prior to completing the transaction and provide lateral transfers requires and support documentation to the PBO prior to completing the transactions.

Taylor Consultants, Inc. support the process of Statement of Charges/Cash Collection Vouchers (DD Form 362) or submit a Report of Survey (DA Form 4697) for damaged or lost equipment. Taylor Consultants, Inc. shall prepare, review, and assign a document number to DA Form 4697 (Report of Survey) or DD Form 362 (Statement of Charges/Cash Collection Vouchers), update the property book and applicable supporting files.