Taylor Consultants

Logistical Services

Property Accountability Support

Taylor Consultants, Inc. is responsible to provide the following services for the execution of property accountability management and visibility support functions

Taylor Consultants, Inc. provides technical evaluation of a property book management, hand receipts, adjustments, documents, all accountable records, and other property accountability document issues for the PBO.

Taylor Consultants, Inc. identifies property accountability and visibility problem areas, determine required corrective action and provide information to the PBO on the findings of evaluations, reports, and summaries.

Provide on the spot advice and assistance to unit personnel in correcting deficiencies as required by the USPFO for WA PBO.

Taylor Consultants, Inc. validates system configuration of Secondary Items, Basic Issue Items (BII), Weapons Systems Configuration, Protective Equipment, Communication Equipment, or any other modifications or addition basic equipment.

Taylor Consultants, Inc. utilize SPBS-R, DPAS, and PBUSE to account for and manage Government equipment. Taylor Consultants, Inc. reports to the Government as to accountability status of recurring reports, data transfers or other methods as required by the USPFO for WA PBO.

Taylor Consultants, Inc. maintains property book accountability and supporting document for property book items, condition of on-hand items, and location of property assigned to hand receipts holders. Taylor Consultants, Inc. updates and maintain receipts for non-expendable property IA W 735-5 Chapter 7, and shall provide printouts of current hand receipts for supported units and activities when requested.

Taylor Consultants, Inc. develops and update a property book Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for hand receipt holders and disseminate guidance between updates for the SOP.

Taylor Consultants, Inc. brief rotational units on property accounting procedures IA W 735-5.

Taylor Consultants, Inc. provides technical support for property accountability to include customer assistance, answering questions on property related issues, and resolving discrepancies.

Taylor Consultants, Inc. provides hand receipt printouts for hand receipt holder (HRH) change and special inventories, supported units, and activities.

Taylor Consultants, Inc. establish and maintain a signature card file (DA Form 1687 Delegation of Authority-Receipt for Supplies) to verify that the authorizing (requesting) official that signed that service request is the same name shown on an accepted DA Form 1687.

Taylor Consultants, Inc. generates and submit reports as required/requested to the PBO on equipment status, including but not limited to delinquent hand receipt holders and delinquent inventories, issues, receipts, and turn-ins.

Taylor Consultants, Inc. receive, review, and verify that all equipment requests are complete, correct, and have proper approval and authorization.

Taylor Consultants, Inc. process requests for non-standard stock numbers or stock numbers for which no authority exists, which have been approved by the Government.

Taylor Consultants, Inc. verifies and process customer receipts for supplies and equipment IA W DA PAM 710-2-1 Chapter 5 and 6.

Taylor Consultants, Inc. updates the property book, document register, and supporting document files for non-expendable equipment.

This includes but is not limited to: Taylor Consultants, Inc. shall annotate the make, model, and serial number on DA Form 3161; 2765, and SF 120. Taylor Consultants, Inc. shall complete DA Form 2062 for components of major end items. Taylor Consultants, Inc. shall determine property accountability and post to correct hand receipts with proper signatures and documentation. Taylor Consultants, Inc. shall register all commercial equipment, obtain any Army registration number for commercial equipment, and shall maintain issued numbers.