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Mentoring Program

Is mentoring quickly becoming a lost art? You hear successful people speak about their mentors, and others saying, "I wish I had a mentor."

Mentoring or having a mentor means different things to different people. As an example to some it may mean, "protection" by someone in authority, to others it may mean quick advancements within the organization.

What is mentoring? How does mentoring really work? Who should be mentored?

Mentoring is when an individual shares wisdom and knowledge with others.

There are several different mentoring methods. Most of us are familiar with the supervisory and informal method. Although successful, many times these methods are hit and miss, fragmented, and not well developed.

A formal mentoring program is when a mentor and an associate (mentee) are matched. The formal program includes scheduled meetings, expectations of both the mentor and associate, and a deliberate well thought out plan.

Taylor Consultants has developed a mentoring training program that can assist you in making the personnel in your organization more productive, while simultaneously increasing morale, and reducing attrition. We will train both the mentors and associates, and assist you in establishing and monitoring your organization formal mentoring program.