Taylor Consultants

Recruiting & Retention Services


Recruiting talented young people is extremely difficult in today's environment. Tagged as the so-called "me generation" young men and women are competing for jobs in companies operated by those whose exposure to the workplace was vastly different two decades ago. You need to know how to attract these talented young individuals if you are to be successful operating in today's climate. Taylor Consultants will help you design recruiting programs that will attract the talent you seek.


Attracting talent is part of the problem, retaining them is quite another. What are you doing to create a climate that employees like? The process of establishing a positive environment is not complicated but requires certain dynamics. We will help you establish a positive atmosphere conducive to good retention.

Even the best efforts at creating the perfect environment will not eliminate the desire of some employees to leave for other opportunities. Once an employee is trained, qualified and has experience, other opportunities will surface. What are you doing to keep that trained and productive person from leaving? Losing your best workers can drastically impact success. The people you can least afford to lose are the ones with the most opportunities. Taylor Consultants will help you implement attrition management techniques that will ameliorate turnover and positively impact long-term attrition.